Be not afraid of going slowly;
be afraid only of standing still.
~ Chinese Proverb

Okinawa Kenpo is a traditional martial art that focuses on self-defense, but it is not about learning how to fight.  We encourage students to avoid physical conflict whenever possible.  However, when avoiding an altercation is impossible, we strive to ensure that our students are equipped with the skills necessary to end the conflict quickly and definitively.

Our study of karate focuses in these areas:

  • Body Conditioning - resistance training, cardio training, and stretching
  • Fundamentals - stances, blocks, kicks, hand techniques
  • Kata - individual training exercises
  • Tuite - self-defense techniques
  • Kata Study - relationship of kata to tuite
  • Kumite Techniques - multiple step fighting drills
  • Kumite - organized, closely supervised sparring sessions
  • Kobudo - training using traditional Okinawan weapons

The techniques taught in Okinawa Kenpo rely heavily on correct body positioning.  As a result, we emphasize health and fitness through diet and cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training. There are no secrets to anything that we teach, and dramatic improvements in karate cannot be gained rapidly. Understanding and ability can only be gained incrementally over time.  However, any student prepared to work both mentally and physically who attends class regularly will make progress.

We encourage our students to be the absolute best they can be through consistent effort, and the result of training under that principal reaches far beyond kicking and punching.  Our students participate often in various swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon events each year.