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Structured Environment  ♦  Daily Homework Assistance  ♦  Competitive Pricing

What we do...

  • operate on a structured schedule
  • provide a safe environment
  • set high expectations
  • offer targeted support
  • encourage participation in karate

Creates opportunities for your child to...

  • complete homework, with help as necessary
  • learn and play in a friendly, bully-free community
  • try new activities and achieve independence 
  • build confidence in his or her own abilities 
  • develop focus and fitness

How we differ:
Our program is headed by a certified NC teacher with more than a decade of experience in education and staffed by professionals who deeply love engaging with the children in our programs.

We believe wholeheartedly that we create an environment that safely challenges students to grow into their best selves...but don't take our word for it. See what the parents of our students have to say!

“Vic Coffin Karate of Garner has been a powerful, incredibly positive influence on my daughter and on my family.  They promote the values and ideas of hard work, responsibility, accountability, and respect in their students, which helps reinforce what we try to teach our kids at home.  The instructors are firm, yet caring, and demanding of hard work, yet playful.  After signing my daughter up last year, I found that I enjoyed watching and listening to the classes so much that I began taking the adult classes.  Choosing VCK Dojo was one of the best decisions I've made for my daughter and myself.  I can't wait until my son is old enough to begin classes!”  ~ Stacy Houston

"Highly involved in all aspects of the children's life to build lifetime character traits. Quality karate training for all levels and ages. Family atmosphere, they genuinely are about every member! We are SO blessed to have found them, their efforts have impacted my child and I have seen much positive change. I trust them to work with me and my child to help him be the best he can be! Love these folks!" 
~ Jodie Brandes

“My children enrolled in the after-school program at VCK Dojo at the beginning of this school year because they wanted to learn karate.  Since then, they have learned that karate is not just a class you take a few times a week to learn how to kick and punch, but how the entire philosophy of karate should be used and applied to everyday life.  I am very pleased that there is a huge emphasis on schoolwork as well, with time being set aside after school each day to complete assignments.  They are also much more focused now – on everything from their school work to sports.   The staff is fantastic, too!  The senseis are absolutely focused on the students, and everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.  We love Vic Coffin Karate of Garner!" 
~ Cindy Goshorn

“My grandson Landon has been with VCK Dojo since they opened.  He loves his karate lessons with Sensei JP and Sensei Amy. Everyone that works there is friendly and helpful.  We chose VCK Dojo's after school program because it teaches children discipline and respect!  The children do their homework, with help from older students or qualified staff members, before they can play or take their karate lessons.  Landon had a hard time adjusting from preschool to kindergarten, but with the help of the staff he worked through it and is a more adjusted young boy now.  He also likes the summer break program because they do all kinds of fun filled activities, and it gives us a peace of mind knowing he is in good hands.  I recommend VCK Dojo to everyone.  Hope to see you there!”
~ Barb Moore

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