There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man;
true nobility is being superior to your former self.
~ Ernest Hemingway

Our youth karate program is designed teach students to strive for continual improvement through consistent effort.  Classes are engaging and energetic while requiring students to focus both their attention and their effort on the task at hand.  We consistently remind students that karate is tool to be used to improve in all facets of life, and we encourage them to do their best during karate class, at home, in school, and in every interaction with others.

Okinawa Kenpo is a life-protection art, but we emphasize to all students, and especially to our children: The best defense is to avoid dangerous situations and conflict whenever possible.

Our study of karate focuses in these areas for youth:

  • Kinesthetic Awareness - sensory skill allowing the body to recognize where it is in space
  • Spatial Awareness - organized knowledge of objects in relation to oneself in a given space
  • Focus - ability to specifically direct and maintain attention
  • Basic Conditioning - stretching and light resistance and cardio training
  • Fundamentals - stances, blocks, and kicks
  • Kata - individual training exercises
  • Kobudo - training using traditional Okinawan weapons
  • Kumite - organized, closely supervised sparring sessions

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